Become a Sponsor for Counseling!

One of the core desires at Baylight Counseling is to provide biblical counseling services to the community, without respect to economic condition. As a 501(C)(3) organization, this is accomplished through the generous donations of ministry partners who are concerned for their neighbor (Mark 12:31).

Quite frequently, Baylight has the opportunity to serve someone whose financial condition limits or does not allow for them to contribute to the counseling ministry. If you would like to get involved, and see your giving dollars used in a designated way that directly affects the well-being and growth of another person, consider becoming a Sponsor for Counseling at Baylight today.

While details of any one individual's case must remain confidential, enough information might be shared from a variety of circumstances which will allow you to select someone to support, and to then direct your giving dollars to their care! This is a unique and exciting opportunity to affect someone's life for kingdom purposes with the Gospel.

If you are interested in biblical counseling services, but need a sponsor, or, if you would like to learn how to become a Sponsor for Counseling, please contact Baylight's Director, Joshua Waulk, for more information. Your participation in this ministry is tax-deductible.

Like never before in our culture, the need for Gospel-centered, biblical counsel is on the rise. Through this exciting, new program, you can be a catalyst for change in someone's life.

Call or email Baylight for more information: (727) 433-0682 |